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i need help to pay my tuition

ben2007 started this conversation

some body please help me i need money to pay my tuition, if i not pay before the end of january i can not continue my study. the cost for tuition is $ 543.48 .

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JOJI   in reply to Bie
I am a kenyan pursuing a degree in Theology at Presbyterian University Of EastAfrica in Nairobi. I need a sponsor to stand with me in this dream. I need $.500 to finish paying my tuition for this semester,i ve tried applying for scholarship and grants but no avail. please someone help.
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cheercrazy08   in reply to Ray1978
I'm in the same boat...I wish u luck
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Aireanas   in reply to Marlins
Really!! Ppl r hungry children with no school clothes ppl gettin throw outta there homes t u kidding me! Put them in public school geezzz!!
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Late on paying my kids tuition from a Private Catholic school... Need some help please..... The money I had put aside went to Attorneys and marriage counselors. But at least we're still together as a family!
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I need help to pay my tuition. I need $2,000 to finish paying my tuition for this semester. I have tried applying for Scholarship and grants I'm all out of option. Please Someone HELP!!! I am going to Liberty University in VA
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Hello all, this is a serious link. Please stop by and visit. Thanks
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The Christmas Cat   in reply to Bie
Grants and school help
Apply before April 1st or sooner depending on state rules 

Apply at school for SSS Student Support Services

Get on a school work study program
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Hi . Im phoebe Soriano , I came from Philippines and im currently enrolled Nursing ,forth year in college . im studying at colegio de dagupan ,pangasinan, philippines . My purpose is I need to finish my study and i need your HELP guys! :( i need to pay my tuition fee with a $1050 .We are not rich my father and my mother can't sustain it anymore they don't have work now ,they have a plan to stop my schooling but i want to pursue so that's why i need your help anybody. i am only one studying in our family but i have 2 sisters they are stopped in schooling because we don't have much money . Any Amount can Help me to pay my tuition fee.. Thank you and Godbless.. Im Begging You Guys . :(
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Sheila777   in reply to manana
Manana hope everything worked out , I am trying to pay my daughter's tuition, single mom and 2 more, it is no joke, where are all those organization that need to do a tax write off, we need you!
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asemo   in reply to Joseph1234
Joseph nice writing to you i am asking you to stand with me for tuition for my daughter thanks God bless christine
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Hello, I am a second year graduate student working on my doctorate in education. I am currently working 26 hours a week for the government and may lose my job all together. I have received and do receive student loans, but I have one class that I must pay for out-of -pocket in order to complete my exam which is $1,500.00 beofore I begin my dissertation. Please if anyone know of anyone who could help me please me reach out to me. I am single mother with a son in college and a teenager daughter. I am behind on my mortagage payments and my credit is bad due to my divorce. I need this degree to help change my current condition. I need help! I am grateful for whatever assistance I can get.

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some body please help me i need money to pay my tuition fee account before 30 september.
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I am so confused. I am a junior at Penn State University Park Campus, but cannot get a student loan. My parents are not eligible to co-sign since my mom lost her job and noone will lend without a strong co-signer. I carry a 3.2 GPA and very much want to move on with my life. I want to graduate. If anyone can help or has ideas of what I can do....please contact me.... I would pay back every dime I just need to get to that point.
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Joseph1234   in reply to jijoma
Having problems for a tuition too this website might help you
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Joseph1234   in reply to jijoma
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I am entering Randolph Macon academy and I need help with a loan of 58,000 dollars
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I'm doing ACCA but i dont have exam fees, please assist
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I am currently enrolled in Wilmington University (New Castle, DE) I am at my last year supposedly, but now my outstanding balance (4000.00) on my tuition is preventing me from completing my studies. I desperately need a tuition payment. I don’t have the amount to pay. I tried applying for loans, but Banks are reluctant to lend if the loans are not guaranteed or for borrowers with great credit. I don’t even have fair credit because I lost my job for a year and built up a sizable debt (medical bills mostly). Now I am trying to catch up with my new job slowly paying my debts. I need my degree to obtain a great paying position. But I am having trouble to pay my tuition, I don’t know what to do anymore. Now without a full payment, I won’t be able to register for the fall of summer 2013. Please help me, I would highly appreciate it. I am not a scam if you want to help me please, I will provide you with the school info or you can call to process the payment; Just to insure I am not a scammer .Thank you for your time
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does your school have student loans? Because often they can give you a long without interest! Oh now that I see it, this was 2007, hope everythig worked out!!
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Some please help me i attend american public university im studing real estate managemeny ,i only have 15 credit left to finish ,i recently fail one of my course ,which make ineligible for federal aid ,because of the hurricane sandy my computer got damage do to a flood in my basement ,which my computer was ,it got damage ,i ecplain to my school back ,then ,Now come this january i was denied on my appeal for extention ,my number is 3475612616, Ill even take a Loan an willing to pay back after school.
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